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Investment Opportunities in the Maltese Property Market

House of Character - Naxxar Malta, ref 910560

Malta is an incredibly popular Mediterranean island destination and property investment opportunities abound in Malta’s real estate sector, particularly for those seeking to target the retirement and tourism markets.

The long term profitability of property assets held in Malta is almost guaranteed because of two key facts.  Firstly, the country’s geographic status as an island!  Simply put, the amount of property available in Malta is restricted because of the physical size and infrastructure limits of the island.  Secondly, Malta is universally attractive to holiday makers, retirees and those looking for a place in the sun, so both the demand for property for sale and rent in Malta rise annually.

The physical restriction of the amount of available property and a healthy local demand complemented by overseas buyers are the unique conditions that have created the ultimate investment hotspot for an international real estate investor.

Recently the Maltese property market has seen a stabilisation of the advertised property prices. This together with interest rates on a downward trend, rental returns have never been better.  All things considered, today’s property market presents a significant investment opportunity and is the ideal scenario for property investors.

The future prospects for Malta’s property market from an investor’s point of view are very positive indeed.  Malta ultimately offers a very safe environment for a real estate buyer looking to make an income and a steady increase in the value of the property asset.  As Malta is not an emerging economy massive price increases and huge surges in demand for property for sale and rent are unlikely to occur, rather the appeal of the island will continue and income, yields and growth will steadily rise.

There has never been a better opportunity to invest in property in Malta!  Through its extensive array of services ranging from brokerage to after sales and letting, Homes of Quality Real Estate can guide vendors and buyers through all the stages of the property acquisitiona and/or disposal.

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