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Why Malta’s Houses of Character are so sought after


The past few years Malta's houses of character have emerged as coveted treasures, capturing the attention and investment interest of countless discerning buyers. These unique properties are steeped in history and embody the best of Maltese charm besides possessing unique qualities that set them very much apart from any of the modern alternatives.

We take a closer look at why Malta's character homes are so highly sought after:

Perfect if you want a slice of history

Most houses of character have stood the test of time and feature traditional Maltese architectural hallmarks, showcasing the influences from the various generations and civilisations that have left their mark on all the islands. Each home is therefore indeed a tangible connection to the past and with a renewed appreciation by owners of a time when life was lived at a much slower pace, houses of character have become national treasures instead of just a place to live.

The heritage aspect

The architectural significance of character homes in Malta is a huge draw card for buyers who seek to immerse themselves in a unique day-to-day living experience. Many of these homes are adorned with traditional features such as vaulted ceilings and arches, limestone walls and patterned floor tiles, pigeon coops, mangers and wells to name but a few of the unique attributes of most houses of character. Renovating and preserving these homes with their quirky features have become a point of pride for homeowners, contributing to their allure.

The Maltese government has also recognised these homes and their importance by introducing an array of incentives and perks to promote their preservation for future generations. In years previous, updating and renovating these homes seemed like a daunting and expensive task, but now, with the financial assistance and refunds available, many new owners are undertaking to sympathetically restore these impressive homes to their former glory.

Quaint village settings are part of the charm

Malta's houses of character are often nestled in or close to quaint village settings, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. These peaceful surroundings provide the residents of character homes with a serene and idyllic lifestyle, the perfect escape on weekends, holidays or even permanently. Many houses of character are bought for investment and rental purposes, as these homes are often bigger in size and come with an outside area or garden that is perfect for a pool or al fresco entertaining. This is exactly what visitors are looking for when on holiday or a weekend break: a place to let their hair down, relax and entertain with the family.

Limited availability

The scarcity of houses of character in Malta and Gozo contributes significantly to their desirability. Strict regulations and preservation efforts aimed at protecting the island's architectural heritage limit the development of new properties in UCA and ODZ areas and this is often where existing character homes can be found. As a result, those seeking properties with authenticity often find themselves in a competitive market, thus driving up demand for the limited supply available.

A lasting cultural legacy

Investing in a house of character in Malta is not merely a financial decision; it is also a commitment to contribute to the preservation of the island's cultural and architectural heritage. Buyers and owners can be proud of the fact that they will contribute to a lasting legacy that aids to the conservation of Malta's historical buildings for centuries to come.

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