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Meet the Team

gsGrahame Salt - Director

M: +356 9947 4340
T: +356 2277 0000

Grahame Salt is a Company Director at Homes of Quality. Grahame was born and bred into the real estate industry, with real estate having been the main topic of most dinner conversations. After obtaining a BSc degree in Business and Computer studies, he went on to join the family business. Grahame was immediately addicted by the excitement and diversity of the Real Estate market and never turned back! He now has 23 years of experience behind him. He started with selling property, has travelled extensively to promote Malta overseas and for 7 years, managed the Sliema branch. He now manages Homes Of Quality, which is a sister company of Frank Salt Real Estate. For the last 12 years, Grahame has also been in charge of developing and selling a number of projects including seafront apartments, villa developments and office buildings. Grahame believes that a property cannot be 'sold' to someone. The job of an estate agent is to understand a person's needs and then, through his/her experience and knowledge of the market, to find the right property for the client. An estate agent's job is to save his/her clients' time by doing this in the most efficient and effective way possible and to offer all the guidance and information that the client might need along the way· Grahame has always been a very active person and enjoys a number of sports. He is also the proud father of two girls.

alexAlex Papagiorcopulo - Branch Manager

M: +356 7991 1918
T: +356 2277 0649

Alex Papagiorcopulo, Branch Manager at Homes of Quality. With 22 years' experience in various management positions coupled with a professional academic background in marketing, Alex decided to move to real estate with the intention of bridging the financial side of property acquisition with the sales side of promoting good quality property. A philosophy he likes to live by is 'put passion into anything you do and you'll be fantastic at it whilst enjoying every minute of it.' Alex has a never ending list of interests of which, the favourites are guitars, playing music, boating, snowboarding, fine wine and whiskey.

joJosienne Degaetano - Senior Property Consultant

M: +356 7979 3379
T: +356 2277 0623

Josienne worked for some years with a firm of Malta’s most renowned architects, a time which was fundamental in moulding her love of property and understanding of the complexities that went into building works. She then took this knowledge and passion onto the real estate industry. Josienne prides herself on her tenacity and stamina in efficiently and successfully understanding any of her clients' needs and guiding them to the perfect property. She says: “There is no greater professional satisfaction then experiencing a content and happy client!” Josienne also enjoys fine wine and good food, music, travelling, walking and gym training.

jamesJames Stagno Navarra - Senior Property Consultant

M: +356 9949 3147
T: +356 2277 0626

James has been fortunate enough to work in the airline industry for over 25 years as a senior manager prior to being chosen as part of the select team of highly professional agents at Homes of Quality. Specialising in commercial and operations management, his responsibilities were the overseeing of all aspects of sales, marketing and operations of the airline in Malta at the time. Feeling in need of a change, James subsequently took up the new exciting challenge, that of being an agent, at Homes of Quality 10 some years ago. Says James: “To be a successful agent in real estate, you always have to put your clients’ best interests first”. James believes in being active and his favourite pastime is sailing, but he also has a love of good music, food and fine wines.

mikeMichael Dimbleby - Senior Property Consultant

M: +356 9932 1039
T: +356 2277 0621

Michael Dimbleby is located at Homes of Quality. Mike’s working background comes from sales and marketing, most recently in the field of advertising and publications. He enjoys working in an energetic, busy environment where no two consecutive days are the same, so it was not a difficult decision for him to take when looking for a new challenge, to enter the real estate industry. Mike’s choice was obvious and straightforward, with Frank Salt Real Estate being the most reputable name in the business. He eagerly anticipates meeting new clients and attempting to professionally meet their unique individual property needs. Mike is a very active person by nature and enjoy various hobbies including walking, cycling, swimming, reading, travelling and going to the cinema, together with time spent with his family.

paulPaul Bondin - Senior Property Consultant

M: +356 7988 6012
T: +356 2277 0647

Paul Bondin is a Senior Property Sales Consultant at Homes of Quality. Paul has been working in sales for the past 10 years and has always been curious about how it would be if he had to join the property business, and the package Frank Salt Real Estate was offering compelled him to take the plunge and go for this challenging. The reputation the company enjoys, the training program he has been given as well as his many years of experience in the industry, makes Paul as one of the most successful and established consultants of the Frank Salt Real Estate team.