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Strategy Statement


To bring quality properties to the market and find the right owners for such properties whilst delivering an unrivalled customer experience of the highest level.


To be nimble and exclusive, rather than big and aloof, and to always deal in stylish and quality properties were price is not the determining factor;



  • To conduct ourselves in a manner that leaves all parties involved feeling positive and fairly treated by our company or staff;
  • To register properties at a fair market price, and to negotiate in a fair and ethical manner the sale of these properties, in a way acceptable to both vendors and purchasers;
  • To conduct ourselves, when promoting or advertising property, in a way that will command respect and acceptance from the owners who entrust us with their properties;
  • To do our utmost to promote the properties for sale to the purchaser in a fair manner and to ensure that both parties have the least inconvenience possible as they conclude the various procedures leading to the sale/purchase of the property.



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