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The Real Estate market in Malta continues to grow and has been growing throughout the international global crisis. Real Estate prices have steadily risen since Malta joined the EU guaranteeing a steady investment return for property buyers.  The real estate market is proving to be resilient in tough times.

Many foreign nationals make Malta their destination for holiday, retirement and business purposes. Malta offers a variety of highly finished property options that would make an ideal home.

There are many reasons why Malta makes an ideal holiday, retirement or business destination.  High on the agenda are the superb climate, a safe environment, reasonable cost of living, good health care system, efficient tax regimes and a population that speaks English.  There are 10 reasons why you should consider buying a property in Malta.

1) Government Stability and Neutrality Bolsters Property Investor Confidence in Malta

Malta is a parliamentary democracy of Malta that has maintained a neutral stance in world affairs and has worked hard to create stability and peace with its neighbours.  The country’s strong leadership and favourable international relations inspire a great deal of confidence among investors, expats and holidaymakers alike.  Whilst the country only boasts three habitable islands and a population of less than 450,000, it has maintained a favourable view on the international scene.

2) European Union Membership Lends Itself to Creating a Comfortable Environment for Property Investors in Malta

Malta’s entry into the European Union and its adoption of the Euro currency has opened the doors for easier investment and closer ties with the whole of Europe.

3) Stable Economy and Low Unemployment Rate Makes Malta Very Attractive

The country’s GDP is bolstered by tourism, shipping, financial services and electronics industries that are solid.  Residents here enjoy a very high employment rate and low inflation. 

4) Interesting History Draws Many Holidaymakers to Malta, Making this Location Attractive to Investors

Malta’s history dates back to prehistoric times.  The group of islands once served as a base for Phoenicians and even the British.  Its ancient ruins are legendary.  The megalithic temples on some of the islands date back to 3500 B.C.  Evidence of Roman visitors and other ancient civilizations still exists.  The unique collection of ruins found within Malta make this destination a favourite among ancient history buffs and those who want to see some of the wonders left standing from humanity’s earliest civilizations.  The unusual historical draws of Malta bode well for investors looking at buy-to-let strategies. 

5) Malta’s Geography and Climate Make it a Favourite Destination for Many, Inspiring Long Term and Strong Real Estate Investor Confidence

Malta is one of the southernmost points in all of Europe.  Located in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea, the archipelago is noted for its rolling hills, beautiful coastlines and bays, terraced fields and incredible weather.  The country experiences hot, dry summers and spectacularly mild winters.  Its beautiful natural features and welcoming climate combine to make Malta very attractive to holidaymakers and investors with buy-to-let and buy-to-hold strategies.

6) English Language is one of the National Languages on the Island

  Whilst Maltese is spoken, English is the favoured language by many residents and is one of the official languages of the country.

7) Straightforward Buying Process Makes Investing in Property in Malta Fairly Easy for EU Members

Buying property in Malta is a straight forward process.   The overall process and its straightforward nature make Malta very attractive to investors who desire reasonable buy-in procedures.

8) Established Real Estate Market Makes Malta Attractive to Investors Who Don’t Enjoy Huge Risks

Whilst the property market does experience periods of ups and downs, the natural appeals of Malta tend to ensure hearty comebacks.  Since the market is well established, prices here tend to be a bit higher than in riskier, developing regions, but they are still quite affordable by most European standards.  It is possible to find flats in the EUR 100,000 range for example, and because there is a geographic restriction on the amount of property that can physically be constructed in Malta and an ever growing demand, there will always be a greater demand than supply of Maltese real estate which of course supports increasing property price potential.

9) Easy Access is Very Appealing for Buyers of Property in Malta

Malta is accessible from most airports in the UK and Europe, who offer direct flights to Malta, making travel here simple.  Plus, the country’s transportation system is very well developed, ensuring holidaymakers and investors can get to where they desire easily.  European citizens do not require visas to enter Malta.  These things all combine to make Malta very attractive to investors seeking holiday homes or buy-to-let properties that they can easily inspect on their own and to which potential tenants and buyers can easily get.


If you are considering Malta as a holiday, retirement or business destination the island has many high standard residential and commercial real estate developments to offer, these are some;

Portomaso Marina Development – superb apartments, marina, shops and restaurants.

Tas-Sellum Residence – in a tranquil location and within easy reach of the sea and facilities offers a limited number of apartments still available for sale.

Ta’ Monita Residence – newly launched development in the popular fishing village of Marsascala offering studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

Pendergardens – centrally located and close to all amenities the development offers a mix of apartments and villas.

Fort Cambridge - Situated on the historic site of the Cambridge Battery, the development offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, duplexes and penthouses.

Tigne Point – set in Sliema across from the city of Valletta, this development offers a varied mix of apartments as well as a choice of stunning penthouses.


Investors looking at Maltese property will find the country holds promise for a number of very compelling reasons.  Whether you are looking for a second home or an investment opportunity in the Maltese islands, our experience in the market can make the process of purchasing a property in a new country an easy one.  Our carefully selected portfolio of properties throughout the Maltese Islands is designed to deliver the best value quality homes and investments to suit your requirements.



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