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Having gained extensive experience in Real Estate in Malta we at Homes of Quality understand the importance of good insurance coverage. Whether you are a new home owner or leasing out a property, it is important that your property is well protected. There are a number of types of policies available that can cover you, your belongings or your home. Should you need residential or commercial coverage, Homes of Quality works together with reliable, reputable insurance companies that not only offer the best coverage but also great value offering various types of insurance including;

Life Insurance
Whether you are looking for a lifelong protection plan or term insurance, life insurance policies can help you provide for the ones you love.  Life Insurance guarantees a payment of a sum of money, known as the “sum assured’, in the event of death of the “insured”.

Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance is for your health and peace of mind.  Personal Sickness policy offers a range of quality medical insurance products whether you wish to secure your family’s health or that of your employees, designed to offer you a flexible choice in cover and to bring you the benefits of private medical healthcare.

Motor Vehicles Insurance
Motor Insurance policies are there to ensure that as a driver you enjoy using your vehicle with the knowledge that you are well protected by an insurance cover and that you will get all the support you need when needed.  Motor insurance policies may be tailor-made to your specific needs to cover accidental damage to third party liability, use abroad and medical expenses, to name a few.

Marine Insurance
Boat Insurance policy provides cover for loss or damage to the vessel and equipment caused by external accidental means.  Marine Insurance cover includes a personal accident cover for you and your immediate family against bodily injury or death caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means sustained during the period of insurance whilst embarking, disembarking or whilst on board the vessel.

Home & Property Insurance
Property Insurance is designed to protect residential and commercial real estate against damages to property and/or its contents.  Property Insurance policies have different levels of protection that can be tailored to your individual needs.  Property insurance may also provide liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.

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If you are buying or selling a property in Malta, Homes of Quality Real Estate can assist you with all your home requirements:

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