Make the most of your garden

Property with garden

Gardening makes a great hobby- even a small garden patch can offer immeasurable physical and psychological benefits. The calming effects of being in touch with nature on a daily basis, with an average level of physical effort, is extensive. People who garden frequently can vouch for that. It can be an extremely rewarding hobby, as you witness your garden come to life and knowing that you are the one who put it all in motion.

In Malta, where rainfall is scarce and long spans of hot temperatures are habitual, successful gardening requires good planning. With spring approaching, it is time to start planning your green area in advance.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for better gardening throughout the dry months:

Choose the right plants 
Some plants can tolerate certain weather patterns for longer periods and it would therefore be beneficial to select plants that can handle droughts and dry weather in general. If you intend on maintaining your garden properly but have a busy lifestyle, opt for low maintenance plants and avoid being disappointed and discouraged.

Strategic positions of your plants

It would be sensible to group your plants according to their requirements, the amount of water and sunlight they need. A large amount of water can destroy fragile flowers and plants whilst those that need a good deal of water will suffer if neglected. Plants that require less sunlight should be placed in the shadier areas of the garden, near a tree or a wall would be the most suitable, in order to prevent them from drying out.

No more dirty shovels
You can spray your garden shovel with a silicone lubricant if you have a soil patch which requires frequent shovelling. This would act as a non-stick layer that allows the soil to slip right off your shovel without creating any hassle or unwanted mess.

Maintaining more moisture with larger pots
Avoid using small pots as the soil dries up quickly and watering of plants will have to be done more frequently. Furthermore, you can improve the quality of the soil by adding peat and compost which retains moisture more efficiently due to its organic content.

Large pots don’t have to be heavy
While using large pots is preferable for water retention, they could become rather heavy to manoeuvre. Avoid this problem by filling the bottom of the pot with polystyrene peanuts, then cover them with a layer of landscape fabric and place the soil on top of them. In this way, you will have healthy plants that you can move around with ease!

Maintaining a moist soil
Trapping the water in the pots, known as mulching, will ensure that the soil remains moist and the roots cool. Place some sort of natural cover over the soil with something like pebbles and this would reduce evaporation thereby keeping the plant moist for longer.

Your own fruits taste the best!
The best part about owning a garden is the fact that you can grow your own organic food which is rewarding, healthy and cheaper than buying them from your local grocer! Do not miss out on the countless benefits of owning and maintaining a garden!