Moving to Malta and Condominium Lifestyle

People always want to improve their way of life and when approaching retirement age particularly, want to settle in a country where they feel they can improve their lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. In fact, the trend today is to not wait until retirement. Many countries have realised that the benefits realized through this type of foreign investment are vast and each has come up with their own residence programmes in order to try to position themselves in the market.

Malta offers a number of such programmes targeting both EU and non EU nationals. Most of these allow residence and also offer a Schengen Visa coupled with an advantageous tax status. Malta has also recently introduced a citizenship programme. All of these compare extremely well with offerings by other countries. However, I believe that this is not the only competitive advantage that Malta has. I believe that the lifestyle offered by Malta as well as the quality of real estate on offer put Malta head and shoulders ahead of the competition.

So where does Malta stand out? We enjoy an excellent climate all year round. Malta is centrally located in the Mediterranean, making it easily accessible to all major European and North African airports. We do not suffer any natural disasters. There is no political unrest, no threats of war and no religious rivalry. The Maltese are renowned for their friendliness and the Islands have a very low crime rate. The cost of living is reasonable and although a small country, Malta offers within relative proximity all that any other European country has on offer – theatre, night life, a great selection of restaurants, a lovely coast line with crystal clear sea, high street shopping, countryside and so much more. The education and health care systems in Malta are amongst the best in Europe. All things considered, Malta is a great place to live in, even if just as a base to call home and spend a few months of the year. To top this off, Malta’s real estate market is extremely healthy and has consistently enjoyed medium to long term capital appreciation.

In the last decade or so, we have seen the development of a number of top class Condominium residential complexes around Malta and Gozo – generally in top seafront locations. These lifestyle developments offer onsite facilities like private gardens, marinas, communal pools, shopping complexes and security. These properties offer luxurious accommodation and the ability to lock up and leave at short notice. They can be managed in one’s absence allowing peace of mind.

This kind of flexibility, coupled with the lifestyle and the various residence or citizenship programmes and their respective fiscal advantages makes Malta’s offering a very interesting one -one that should be explored and taken advantage of.