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Do you have what it takes to be a top-class realtor?

When it comes to the world of high stakes real estate sales, there is no place for second best. Not only do you have to be at the top of your game by knowing the properties you represent inside out, but you also have to be up to date with current and immediate future market conditions, you have to know what your sellers expect and what kind of buyers a specific property will appeal to. As a luxury property consultant you also have to be a superb ambassador of the brand you represent.

Furthermore, a luxury property consultant will be skilled in the art of negotiations and have the ability to interact confidently with a mix of astute other professionals around a boardroom table at any given time. A top-end consultant also knows instinctively how to navigate through complex deals and how to safeguard his client’s best interests which in itself can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. When it comes to dealing with everything that has to do with luxury properties, you can never afford to make a wrong decision as you could end up losing people’s time and money or creating unnecessary stress for both your sellers and buyers.

Being a property consultant that operates and excels in the luxury bracket gets even more complex when you are also required to have the ability to deal with all types of clients: wealthy investors and sellers can at times be very demanding, but one thing they all have in common is that none of them will expect their realtor to be on top of his game when it comes to concluding a satisfactory deal.

 There is no such thing as office hours as nowadays, most clients conduct business from anywhere in the world at any given time. This will result in the fact that a top-class realtor will have to make him or herself available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for clients.

These are just some of the reasons why consultants that have successful careers in selling high-end properties are true experts and consummate professionals: they are always very well presented, well-versed in the art of dealing with people and always informed about politics, the financial markets and especially local and global property trends. They need to be knowledgeable about art, general investment strategies and without say, be able to work long hours. It may seem a very high mountain to climb if you want to operate and work in this tier of real estate, but the rewards can be outstanding.

Our existing team at Homes of Quality are looking to expand and if you are a contemplating becoming a realtor in the luxury property market and you are keen on facing new challenges, joining our team is the next logical step. Whilst experience will sure come in handy, a newcomer who will make the grade will benefit from being mentored by our existing senior team members. The chance of becoming a property consultant at Homes of Quality is an exclusive opportunity which can just turn out to be the most rewarding long-term career for you. We will provide you with everything that you will need to succeed as an agent in the top end of the real estate market!

If you are interested and up for the challenge, give Alex Papagiorcopulo a call on tel. (+356) 2277 0649, mobile (+356) 7991 1918 or email: All enquiries and applications will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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