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2022 – A year of celebrating people

What a year it has been for us at Homes of Quality! We want to thank all our clients and friends for their unwavering support, as we could not have achieved any of our milestones without you. Again most of the incentives by government have been extended, boding well for the property sector as a whole. The public’s belief in investing in real estate has been the backbone of providing the market with an exceptional track record during the most difficult of times such as Covid and the market is showing no signs of slowing down!

With this in mind and a now more educated, discerning market for both buyers and sellers, we are looking forward to promoting homes that are of the highest standards and calibre for 2023. We are renowned for representing homes that are exceptional, different and truly special and our achievements in successfully assisting even more discerning local and international buyers and sellers this past year, speaks volumes. We truly believe that our calibre of agents, all experienced top-end specialists, have played a huge role in our success: combine that with delivering a sterling, professional service and representation of some very distinguished clients who all value confidentiality and it becomes all too clear for anyone to see why we are the first choice when it comes to buying and selling niche, high-end properties. Additionally, we are backed by and are part of the Frank Salt Real Estate Group, Malta’s oldest and largest real estate group: this ensures peace of mind, excellent back-office support and national representation that is respected and admired far beyond just our local shores.

We have had the pleasure of not only selling some remarkable properties this year, but also being able to assist many buyers making the right choice when it came to finding and choosing the most suited property and in the case of foreign investors, the ideal residency programme for them and their families. After all, we believe that specialising in property may be about buying and selling homes, but it is always and primarily about the people who live in these homes. Thank you again for being a huge part of our success! Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2023…from all of us at Homes of Quality.

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