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Specialists in Special Properties

What makes one estate agency really different and special from others? Are they not all the same? Well, the answer is a definite “NO!” Most agencies seem to sing a similar tune from the same sheet, but their quality of service, their expertise and their knowledge levels are all vastly different and it is this collective base that will have a massive influence on the kind of experience you as a buyer or seller will have.

It all starts with the real estate company itself and below are just some questions to ask when investigating buying or selling a home, making use of an agency:

  • How long have they been in existence?

The shorter the lifespan of any real estate agency, the more likely it is that they will take chances by promising things on which they cannot deliver. New businesses are always desperate to make a name in the beginning, to capture as much of the market as soon as possible before their steam runs out. So they will many times overvalue properties in order to secure mandates and therefore stroke the ego of the seller, but this is bad for business as the property will not sell as it is only worth what the market is willing to pay for it. A good agency or agent will know that and value a home accordingly, so that the sales price is realistic and the property will sell sooner for the fairest achievable price.

True market-related valuations are key to seeing a property attract the right market and generate the right interest. At Homes of Quality we always stress on the importance of pitching a property correctly and whilst the price remains the prerogative of the vendor, a respectable agency will not be keen on spending good money to market a property that will not sell. 

  • What calibre of staff do they have?

All the sales staff at Homes of Quality have been working in the industry for a good number of years and come with proven track records: they are all knowledgeable, qualified and educated about the properties they represent, as well as the market to which they offer these homes. Besides experience, all sales agents have to be certified, qualified and licensed by law. As specialists with years of experience they know the shortest route from listing to selling, with the least of hassles to any buyer or seller. Making use of an experienced agent will save you time and thus a lot of money but most of all will make you feel comfortable throughout the whole transaction!

  • What support systems do they have?

In the case of Homes of Quality, the agency is part of the Frank Salt Real Estate Group which has been in operation in Malta for more than 50 years. This means that they can also draw on the resources of not only their own in-house professionals, but also when needed on the networking, databases, expertise of legal professionals, accountancy manpower and due diligence resources of the entire group to ensure smooth and problem-free transactions for all their clients. Many other agencies in Malta are stand-alone “mom-and-pop” shops often with non-existing support. Sometimes, even large franchises struggle to provide the support required on a national level, since their expertise lies in the larger markets in which the brand operates in. 

  • What kind of property does HOQ sell?

Most agencies will sell any kind of property, so there is no real specialisation of any kind. Agents in their case work a broad spectrum from agricultural land to commercial, from residential to developments…whatever comes through the door.

At the Frank Salt Real Estate Group, each kind of property category has its own division and thus specialised agents for residential, commercial, rentals, home interiors and all their subcategories. It is a group where every appointed agent knows their market segment inside out, so you always get the best service, insights, knowledge sharing, expert advice and representation. As part of the greater Frank Salt Real Estate Group, Homes of Quality focuses on special and unique properties that truly stand out from the broader clusters they form part of.

The properties that are represented by Homes of Quality are not necessarily price-driven: they have special qualities that always appeal to a very lux, niche market. Because these properties are special and their preferred clients are quite extraordinary, it takes a very distinctive calibre of agent to work at and represent the properties offered for sale by Homes of Quality. We can therefore only say that whether you buy, sell or simply informally deal with any of our agents, all others will be judged according to the Homes of Quality scale of professional perfection.

  • Making contact

If you are after a truly unique property or have a qualifying property that you feel requires that level of exceptional and specialised service, simply contact our offices on or +356 2277 0620. Our consultants will then make contact with you to devise the best way to handle your requirements. 

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