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The demand for good quality property is on the rise!

Nobody can deny that Malta’s property sector is dynamic, vibrant and doing exceptionally well. Many new units have come on the market in the last few years and the demand for investment properties seem unquenchable. To add to the already positive outlook, the marketing of “Brand Malta” has resumed in all earnest and we have seen an increase in tourist numbers very early on in the season, which bodes well for the whole economy.

Looking back, the last two years have been hard-taxing globally, but this had an unexpected positive influence on the way people look at their homes, especially where they live long term. Owners want their homes to be of the highest standards, exceptionally well finished and builders are expected to pay attention to the smallest of details. Upper-end properties have to be immaculate, with all elements working seamlessly together providing a sense of harmonious living for its occupants. It’s all about the lifestyle a home can provide. If your home falls in this bracket of quality and you are considering selling, we may already have just the right buyer for you.

Overall, the discernment by this market sector is only good news, as it will push the standards of homes offered for sale only higher and higher in the years to come: an effect that will undoubtedly trickle down from the top to the rest of the market.

With the local property market stabilising after its bullish run and returning to realistic long-term positive growth, we at Homes of Quality - as Malta’s premier brand dealing exclusively in homes of exceptional quality (not to be confused with only high value properties) - are excited and confident about the future of the islands’ property market. We foresee nothing but a further and steady increase in the country’s popularity as a real estate investment destination.

Should you be interested in selling your home through us, get it listed now. You will get a professional valuation and a professional marketing team working for you, sourcing the most appropriate buyers if you are a seller and the best selection of homes on offer in your price bracket, if you are a buyer.

On the other hand, if you are hunting down that special home which sets itself apart from mainstream properties, we are the experts you should be speaking to. We do not only have special properties on our books, but we also know of properties that may fit your requirements and can approach the owners who may consider selling at the correct price but haven’t yet put their property on the market!

Either way, if what you are after is quality service and quality homes, HOQ is here to assist.

Blog April 2022