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2022 is Promising to be a Great Year for Upper End Property

Being well into 2022, we can see that this will be another very busy year for property in Malta. With an increased sense of the pandemic abating or at least accepting that it will be with us like the flu from now on and with summer on the way, it all contributes to lifting people’s spirits. But this year is slightly different: the trend seems to be an increasing demand for upper-end properties!

With a heightened awareness amongst home buyers that the home is far more than just a place regarded in the past as a pit-stop, buyers are now looking for properties that have it all. Demand for homes that have outdoor spaces, pools, gardens, roof terraces and large living areas with guaranteed views are becoming more and more frequent. Due to a complete shift in the way people live post pandemic, the buying public are now preferring to spend more quality time at home with their families, work from home for part or sometimes all of the week and when they have down time, they prefer to prepare food in their own large, well-equipped kitchens and relax in home cinemas, games rooms and even quiet and secluded reading rooms or home libraries.

In addition, homes that have separate spaces for exercise or even meditation, yoga and other wellness-focused activities also receive preference. Add to these homes things like smart technology, eco-friendly appliances and state-of-the-art security and you will be guaranteed of above average interest and very good offers from potential buyers!

At Homes of Quality we specialise in homes that stand out from the crowd: we have a great selection of upper-end homes in prime locations offering every amenity you could dream of. And Because we are a proud member of the Frank Salt Real Estate group, we come backed with over 50 years experience and a property database like no other. Why not give us a call today to arrange a viewing or list your property with us?

Blog March 2022