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A return to village life in Malta

During the last two years we have seen an unprecedented surge in the popularity of typical village houses, especially that of houses of character and townhouses in Malta and Gozo. This bodes extremely well for the preservation of some of these homes, many of which have been in dire need of being rescued. The on-going legacy of the pandemic has played a huge role in locals re-focusing on our national treasures, namely the house of character and all it has to offer.

With a renewed awareness of what the home means and especially when it comes to the space and safety it offers, many buyers have requested to see properties that have a measure of outside space, convivial interiors such as large kitchens, living and dining rooms where the family can gather and spend quality time together. In addition, we detected a revived interest in tradition and a sense of pride in what heritage and historic homes offer besides their square meterage. Buyers are on the lookout for quirky features, interesting if not historic pasts and signs of the human hand in the building of these homes such as crafted stonework, hand-made balustrades, ironwork, vaulted ceilings and more.

As we know, town houses and character homes tend to offer larger spaces with at times high ceilings, beams and traditional tiles, very often lacking in modern builds or at best imitations of these features in contemporary versions of the home. Purists who are after the real thing have now turned their attention to the villages and towns that have been deserted by many, some decades earlier in their quest to find their perfect piece of the past. Not only has this influx revived many a village core, it has piqued interest from further afield with many investors and foreign buyers requesting to purchase some of these properties, site unseen! The government also recently announced several rebates for those who buy historic homes and intend to renovate them sympathetically, with all of these factors aiding in pushing this particular market segment’s popularity through the roof. We cannot be happier that these historic and beautiful homes are getting a second lease on life and long may it continue.

We have a varied selection of such properties for sale and there’s never been a better time to buy a house of character or a town house. Get in touch with us now to find you the best character home that meets your requirements.

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