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Houses of character and town houses: experience the warmth of these perfect investment homes year-round

With winter on our doorstep and a lot of “indoor” living ahead, what property types could be better suited for you and your family than a house of character or a town house? These larger and historic homes have seen a meteoric rise in popularity the last year and a half due to the fact that home owners have realised the importance of the home and what role our personal environments play in our everyday lives.

Homes are no longer just regarded as a pit stop: this is where we relax, rejuvenate and spend time with our loved ones, so the requirements of what qualities the perfect home should possess have been re-evaluated entirely. Buyers are looking at outdoor space, “pyjama lounges”, open dining and living rooms that flow to kitchens, games rooms, a fireplace or two and in some instances even place for a home gym. Additionally having a work-from-home space is now accepted as the new normal as it has increased productivity, improved many work-home relationships and in general, industry has realised that many of their disciplined employees are far happier with a more balanced home and professional life.

With the colder weather here, what could be nicer than sitting in front of a fire with some mulled wine or a whisky in the evening before retiring to bed? Houses of character offer at times quirky and interesting spaces in their architectural makeup, ideal as a place where one can curl up with a book or even have one’s web meetings from. Then there are the outside spaces such as gardens, the heated swimming pools and Jacuzzis, all perfect for beating the winter blues. Living in a house of character has been described by many as feeling like “being on holiday” all year!

On the other hand town houses share similar characteristics and may be newer than houses of character, but the enormous appeal of town houses typically having a small back garden or entertainment space amongst the urban sprawl has seen the demand for these gems grow and grow. Town houses are ideal for a family and we have an extensive collection available for our readers to choose from, starting from as little as €260,000! Most have roof spaces offering views, internal courtyards, terraces and much more.

Houses of character and town houses offer a cool respite in the hot summer months and are a cosy, private and protected sanctuary during the turbulent and cold winter months…but both types of properties are undeniably sought-after, cherished and treasured by their owners and only going up in value. Why not have your happy place to live in and one that is beating most other investments when it comes to capital appreciation? We say it’s a win-win situation and just what you need this winter!