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Why it makes sense to sign up your property with HOQ!

Why it makes sense to sign up your property with HOQ!

We often get asked what makes Homes of Quality (HOQ) so special and different to other agencies in Malta. The answer is simple: we are part of the Frank Salt Group which means we have over 50 years of experience in successfully assisting buyers and sellers, we have a proud heritage, history and knowledge of Malta’s best properties. We cater for discerning property investors interested in something very special when it comes to buying or selling property.

Our specialities include the bespoke tailoring of properties sourced and presented to clients for starters.

At HOQ, we constantly look for properties in the lux segment of the market, homes that are unique, historic and of significance, no matter the price bracket. These are then represented by a niche group of senior property consultants in our offices in Sliema. Consultants do the necessary research, on-site visits and visual staging of these properties to prepare them for marketing. We disseminate properties that get listed with us through a targeted, cherry-picked database of qualified buyers that have already clarified with us exactly what they are looking for. This saves our very busy sellers a lot of time and money due to the fact that properties are sold far quicker when they come to us as opposed to anyone else.

Due to the fact that our many decades of experience in the upper end of the property market has provided us with invaluable knowledge, insight and a vast database of savvy investors and buyers, our reputation for attaining excellent, realistic asking prices remains unmatched. Since our service and reputation for delivering results is of the utmost importance in this very distinguished sector, we have succeeded in attracting only the best of Malta’s lux consultants to represent both buyers and sellers of exceptional properties. Our ethos of discretion, confidentiality and superior delivery to all our clients is underwritten by our small group of highly qualified property market specialists and they are an infallible reflection of this.

Over many years HOQ has built up a well-respected reputation in Malta and abroad, one we are very proud of and one which we could not have successfully earned without the support and return business of our countless satisfied clients.

If you are interested in discussing the state of the property market, a no-obligation valuation of your home or want to see some of the best properties offered for sale in Malta, contact us at your earliest convenience. Many have and they never looked back since!