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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, Green, Wise and Safe!

It’s our favourite time of the year and what a 2020 it has been. Just a year ago we never thought the world (or us) would be in this dreadful situation…but everyone is ready for a bit of cheer and festivities although in a very safe and careful way. So much has been written about Covid-19 and we are all well aware of the situation, the precautions and the stats: so much so that we thought we will divert your attention, even for a short while with things other than the pandemic.

We all know the Islands of Malta are probably what can be described as among the most spirited nations on earth when it comes to honouring and celebrating the Christmas Season.

Here’s our take on some alternative ideas for this year:

Lights, Camera, Action!

When it comes to Christmas lights, we know these are not cheap, but try and only buy lights that are guaranteed to last and that you can re-use year after year. In the long run it will be more economical eco-friendly than buying a cheap throwaway set. So whether it be waterfalls, curtains, shooting stars, baubles, flowers, Santa, elves and reindeer, buy wisely. We also came across a marvelous new addition recently:  lights and trees that can be controlled via an app on your smart phone which can also display custom messages and patterns. We want it!

There’s Nothing Like Homemade

Let the nostalgia kick in and make your own unique décor items to remember loved ones with by putting photographs on wreaths, inside lanterns or have T-shirts printed with pictures or slogans on them and hand them out at Christmas Dinner!

Go Green and Go Home

Eats - Go even a step further and make Christmas tree decorations from edible items such as pretzels, ginger biscuits and cut out stars from sheets of marzipan. If these items are not all eaten during the festive season at least they are bio-degradable!

Gifts - We are all for up-cycling older items or multi-purposing others during this time of global warming, as up to now we have all been very indulgent as a throw-away society. When it comes to eco-friendly gifts, we saw re-usable bowl covers, stainless steel water bottles and straws, solar-powered phone chargers, beeswax items such as lip balm, candles and more. Also look out for recycled glass vases, bamboo dinnerware sets and products, organic cotton products such as towel sets, pyjamas and undyed and unbleached woolen carpets.

It is time for all to all think about being kinder to not only one another, but also this planet we live on. Make it your goal to use less plastic, eat organic, support local producers and think again about yet another foreign trip. We all saw during this time that family matters most and that we do not have to jump on a carbon-producing monster jet to have a wonderful holiday…that we can in our own backyards, on our beautiful islands of Malta. Let’s be honest, we have it all right here.

From all our staff and consultants, we wish you a Merry, Safe Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.