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The Benefits of Using Homes of Quality when Buying or Selling Property

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Unlike many other real estate companies in Malta, we are not a franchise or licensee. We have a DNA footprint, as part of the Frank Salt Real Estate Group, of more than 51 years. We have been operating in and serving within this market sector for more than 18 years.

Our agent contingent has several years’ experience and knowledge of the local market, dealing with exclusive quality properties, meeting and exceeding the highest of expectations… and with a global following and client base, we are open for business 24 hours a day.

Contrary to belief, dealing in homes of quality does not mean dealing with expensive homes per se. Our clients prefer the dedicated service we offer, whether they are buyers or sellers and the homes we represent on behalf of these clients can be big and glamorous, luxurious and often smaller and historic – but all have one thing in common; they offer that something special that the other properties in their category do not; that qualitative edge that distinguishes it from the rest. 

On our books you will find majestic palazzos, glamorous roof-top penthouses, sought-after secure developments, quaint historic townhouses and apartments/maisonettes displaying unique propositions or characteristics. All of these properties come with outstanding pedigrees, which are not easy to come by on this island.  While some may come with the latest home automated technology and contemporary finishes, our historic palazzos have been sympathetically renovated and restored, keeping their belle époque spirit alive and intact for discerning clients to enjoy and marvel at. Then there are our unique propositions which either enjoy special views or are set in idyllic locations.

Our clients have one thing in common:  they insist on the very best. This means the best of exclusive service, the best of exclusive homes, the most professional advice from the most knowledgeable property experts and more importantly, making the best of their precious time when buying or selling a home. That is why we are renowned for quality properties, legendary service and unrivalled expertise.