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A Home in the Clouds

Traditional Maltese homes have specific characteristics, with period Townhouses, Houses of Character and Converted Farmhouses being the main property types. These properties usually have dominant local features such as Maltese balconies, patterned tiles and mill rooms and are strongly linked to Maltese culture.

Besides from being loved by their proud Maltese owners, they are attractive to both tourists and foreigners alike, looking to settle on the islands. No-one can deny that these architectural gems are in short supply and with the demand for property on the increase like never before, coupled with the challenging size of the islands and the limited supply of land that is available to be developed, there is only one way… and its up!

Love them or hate them, high-rise buildings are set to become the norm.

A home in the clouds homes of quality sliema waterfront

Many cities and towns resort to building taller, towering buildings in order to meet similar demands. This is a natural shift and it is possibly one that is required in order to safeguard the surrounding untouched spaces, whilst maximizing on incoming investments. Whether Malta has it all mapped out with the right vision of how the skyline where these towering buildings are being built will eventually look, is beyond the scope of this article. Some may favour an increase in these types of buildings and others may strongly resist them.

Many high-rise cities offer a lot we can learn from. Firstly, their location is one that serves the purpose of high demand where little or no space is available. Secondly, their height offers tenants and owners birds-eye views of their surrounding locations and far beyond. Finally, if well-planned and beautifully designed, they can truly make lovely residences.

Many of these existing towers, as well as others currently under construction, offer some truly fantastic views of the Maltese islands. Village clusters, distant town- or cityscapes and lovely sea views can all be enjoyed from the same spot, which could very well be from your living room couch, dining area, kitchen or even your bed. It’s not just about the views though.

Living at these elevations also reduces noise pollution. Having had the opportunity to witness some of these properties firsthand, I can honestly say it’s a nice place to live. Almost all of these have been built fairly recently and they all maximize on the space available.As a bonus, some often come equipped and fitted with the latest fixtures and fittings, with just the furnishings left to be placed according to the owner’s taste. 

If you are someone who wishes to live high up in the sky and want views like no other, then these apartments in their imposing, sleek modern towers are certainly an option for you to explore… and we have an excellent selection to show you firsthand.