The softer side of the property market in Malta

Property in Malta has always been looked at as an investment and historically, a very sound investment too. Prices have been increasing year on year for decades now and even when the whole of the European property market was put to the test during the credit crunch around 10 years back, Maltese property proved to be pretty resilient with minor price corrections and an overall continuous upward trend in line with previous periods.

Most people approach the property topical debate based on monetary value but there is also a softer side to it. Owning a property on the Maltese islands has a several non-financial attributes that merit due consideration and acknowledgement.

Firstly, thanks to its size, the island offers several dramatically different scenes or moods within a relatively small distance. So whilst there is no doubt that location will strongly impact price, value and potential, one can still easily get from village core to promenade and enjoy the beauty that both locations have to offer. The ability to experience dramatically different environments within a ten to fifteen minute journey is something that is extremely difficult to achieve in larger countries. Going for breakfast in the capital, enjoying lunch by the sea together with a couple of hours of bathing and ending off at a village ‘festa’ is pretty much the norm, immaterial where one resides.

The sense of living within a community is a priceless element that most people moving to Malta are surprised by. The Maltese have always been known to be friendly and welcoming. Many villages have very close-knit communities where everybody cares for his neighbour. It is not strange to receive a call from your neighbour informing you that somebody is knocking at your door, knowing you are out of the house. This ‘neighbourly watch’ has created a strong sense of safety on our streets and whilst recent years has seen the island taking on a more cosmopolitan face, the crime indicator levels remain extremely low compared to those on mainland Europe.

Homes of Quality fireworks property for sale

Malta offers significant variety when it comes to architectural options and those looking for a very particular type of property should find little difficulty to identify the ideal candidate on this rock. Homes come in the form of centuries old converted farmhouses, houses of character with some remarkable features brought back to their former glory, baroque styled Palazzos where nobility once resided, typical townhouses with the identifiable Maltese balconies, Villas with their gardens and pool area ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining, terraced houses, maisonettes and apartments in all shapes and sizes. Many properties have been remodelled with respect to accommodate 21st century living. Larger and brighter open living spaces together with modern day comforts such as pools, large terraces, walk in wardrobes, underfloor heating, sound proofing and energy efficient or energy production systems are becoming industry standards in most properties.

Newer and larger developments as well as most special designated areas cater for those seeking a more inclusive Lifestyle. Such developments propose pool and gym facilities, shopping complexes, eateries and caffees within their grounds.

A home in Malta is more than just an investment. Apart from being an asset whose value has historically grown in a sustainable manner, a Maltese home puts one in a position to enjoy the lifestyle that the island has to offer and despite being small in size, the island has a massive offering spectrum ranging from tradition and culture to good weather and spectacular seas, excellent schooling to top class public health care, old village pubs to modern highrise sky clubs, hidden beaches to lively beach lidos, local speciality dishes to international fine dining menus, the oldest architectural buildings and temples known to mankind to the most splendid mediterranean homes.

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