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Valletta - A City Built by Gentlemen for Gentlemen

A Capital City that is bursting with life - Valletta. Every corner tells stories of a City that was built to withstand the test of time. Built under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Jean De La Vallette and carrying his same name, the fortified City was said to be ‘built by Gentlemen for Gentlemen’.

Much of the Baroque architecture still stands in an excellent state of preservation. There are dozens of Valletta properties crying out for attention which can easily be brought back to their former glory with the right investment. Indeed, renovating a property in Malta is an excellent investment and major reason why property market in Valletta has increased in popularity in the last ten years. In line with the increased investment, came new business opportunities which in turn brought in new life to the city that previously only registered interest during shopping and office hours.

Valletta Upper Barrakka Gardens

A view of the Grand Harbour from the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta

Dotted with traditional Maltese balconies, the narrow perfectly lined roads are now bustling with hip and trendy restaurants, cafes and bars many of which get very lively at the later hours of the day. Many eateries occupy the pavements, roads, and steps on steep hills after 7 pm, offering patrons al fresco dining and aperitivo while surrounded by the grand architectural gems populating the city.

Freshly restored palazzos now offer prestigious accommodation in the form of boutique hotels and guest houses. Some of these boutique hotels offer individually designed suites that place the client at the center of a very grand experience.

Valletta also is home to the Manoel Theatre which sees performances by several guests both local and of international fame and is reputed to be Europe's third-oldest working theatre (older than the San Carlo in Naples) and the oldest theatre still in operation in the Commonwealth. The old Opera House, which was heavily bombed and totally destroyed during the second world war, has been converted into an open-air theatre which sees several productions sold out in the summer months. A modernly designed Parliament House built to blend in with the city’s fortifications (designed by Italian Architect Renzo Piano) now occupies the main entrance to Valletta – City Gate.

The capital city attracts a guaranteed flow of visitors which in turn bring business opportunities. Valletta’s main streets are home to several high street brands and offer patrons a great shopping experience within a very unique and historical setting. Having been the European Capital of Art and Culture in 2018, Valletta has been placed at the centre of many people’s attention and this will ensure a beneficial ripple effect for many years to come.

There are still several hidden gems that could very easily be turned into unique residences or business opportunities. Whether it’s a loft, a townhouse on the bastions with fantastic views, a Palazzo or an older building that could be turned into a great business opportunity, Valletta has become one of Malta’s most interesting property market propositions. Take for instance this wonderful townhouse in Valletta which would work either as an excellent rental investment but equally well as a family home. 

Valletta Town House

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