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Monday, October 8, 2012 by 

Patrick Cooke

Expat population up by 65 per cent

The foreign population has increased by 65 per cent since 2005, the preliminary census report shows.

Maltese men make up 49.6 per cent of the native population

Of the total population of 416,055 people, 20,086, or 4.8 per cent, are non-Maltese nationals.

The number of non-Maltese residents stood at 12,112, or three per cent of the population, in the 2005 census. The preliminary report released last week did not include a breakdown of the nationalities of non-Maltese residents.

More detailed information will be included in the final report.

Two factors likely to have increased the foreign population are Malta gaining EU status in 2004 and the publication of Remote Gaming Regulations, also in 2004, which enticed many foreign remote gaming companies to set-up offices on the island.

Irregular migrants, asylum seekers and people granted inter­national protection status were included in the census if they satisfied the stipulated requirements for residency.

On a regional basis, a higher proportion of non-Maltese nationals reside in the Northern Harbour, South Eastern and Northern Districts.

The majority of non-Maltese residents (7,548, or 37.6 per cent) reside in the Northern Harbour, which includes tourist haunts Sliema and St Julian’s.

The next most popular region for foreigners to live was the Northern District, with 5,137 non-Maltese residents. This district includes Mellieha and St Paul’s Bay.

The area with the least non-Maltese residents was the Western District where just 1,287 foreigners chose to settle.

Gozo has 1,290 foreign residents out of a total population of 31,143.

On a demographic level, 52.9 per cent of non-Maltese nationals are males and the average age of foreign residents is 39.5 years.

The highest proportion (13.2 per cent) of non-Maltese residents is in the 25-34 age bracket.

Maltese men make up 49.6 per cent of the native population and the average age of Maltese citizens is 40.5.