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Life in the Three Cities

The three cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua are fast becoming attractive areas in which to own property in Malta. Not so long ago,  valuations in the Grand Harbour areas weren't very exciting. However, the three cities have lately experienced a boost in popularity.

Birgu Marina

Up to decade or so ago, there was very little happening in this once thriving fortified area in the southern part of Malta. Birgu and Senglea were at the heart of Malta’s greatest battles during the Great Siege in 1565 with Bormla being built some years later in a bid to further strengthen the fortifications.

The magnificent historical setting is one of the main attractions of owning Cottonera property, such as this beautiful townhouse in VittoriosaBirgu is the oldest harbour settlement in Malta. It was a centre of trade for hundreds of years, seeing large volumes of commerce thanks to Malta’s unique position. This allowed merchant ships to dock in the harbour’s safe waters.

Senglea was built in the 1530s and stood tall alongside Birgu during the harsh attacks of the great siege. Cospicua (Bormla) grew as a suburb to both fortified cities. It stretches up to Santa Margherita bastions, which were built in a bid to strengthen the inland-facing fortifications.

Sadly, the area was heavily bombed during the second world war. While the cities were rebuilt, most of the region was neglected in the latter part of the twentieth century. This all changed at the turn of the new century with various investments that have helped to regenerate the three cities area.

South Malta Property

The three cities have become very attractive, with lots of features raising the value of the neighbourhood. These include:

  • A prestigious marina which can accommodate luxury superyachts

  • Various quality restaurants and cafes

  • Historical buildings such as The Maritime Museum, a fully restored Fort Sant Angelo, and the Inquisitor’s Palace

  • A modern residential complex which is also a Special Designated Area (St Angelo Mansions)

  • Turfed open spaces alongside a picturesque waterfront stretching from Birgu to Bormla

  • Regular ferry service to Valletta

  • The main international campus of the American University of Malta.

Many old townhouses in Vittoriosa have been given a new lease of life in the past decade. These properties are gems, respecting the architecture but catering for modern comforts.  Guesthouses, boutique hotels and rental accommodation have also mushroomed in the various picturesque alleys and village squares.

Vittoriosa Townhouse For Sale

While all of this activity means property prices have been on the increase in recent years, there is still ample potential. There are still several unconverted properties up for grabs in the area that will make fabulous homes or businesses.

All of the above augurs well for the area. The three cities are once again bustling with activity as they did several centuries ago. Those who buy property in this region now will be the ones to gain the most. Get in touch with us to explore opportunities and possibilities.