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Importation of Pets When Relocating to Malta

For many, part of finding a property in Malta and the actual move be it by Air Malta or otherwise can involve the moving of your household pets. In is important to take this into consideration and prepare accordingly.

New rules introduced in January 2012 look to bring Malta in line with other EU countries. Malta is considered very low risk for rabies although some basic rules apply and are outlined below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Importation of Pets

The Pet Travel Scheme applies to pet carnivores only, mainly dogs, cats and ferrets. It does not apply to other pet animals including rabbits, rodents and birds

Entry rules for pets entering Malta from the EU and listed non-EU countries

What has to be doneBefore 1 January 2012From 1 January 2012
Rabies vaccinationYesYes
Documentation (pet passport or third country certificate)YesYes
Blood test (dogs and cats)YesNo
Pre-entry waiting periodYesYes
Length of waiting period before entry to the UK6 months form date sample taken for blood test21 days after vaccination against rabies
Tick treatmentYes (24-48 hours before embarkation)No
Tapeworm treatmentYes (as for ticks)

Entry rules for pets entering Malta from unlisted non-EU countries:

What has to be done

Before 1 January 2012

From 1 January 2012


All pets from unlisted third countries are licensed into quarantine for 6 months and vaccinated against rabies on arrival


Rabies vaccination


Blood test

Yes.  Blood sample taken at least 30 days after vaccination.

Documentation ( third country certificate)


Pre-entry waiting period


Length of waiting period before entry to the UK

3 months after blood sample date

Tick treatment


Tapeworm treatment

24 – 120 hours before scheduled arrival time in Malta

 It is always advisable to check with your vet and the regulating authorities for the most updated information Both the   Malta Veterinary Association and the National Airline Air Malta can also provide detailed information